Google Trends: What to use and why?

Google Trends is definitely another website under Google. Absolutely basic feature, this website just shows a visual information of how many times or how many times a search term has been entered in Google search engine. For starters, if y

If you’ve been an online publisher or  blogger  or online advertiser, you’ve probably heard the name Google Trends many times. But if you still don’t know everything about Google Trends and have no idea why you might need Google Trends, then today’s post is for you. Today I’m going to discuss what Google Trends is and what might be needed.

What are Google Trends?

Google Trends is definitely another website under Google. Absolutely basic feature, this website just shows a visual information of how many times or how many times a search term has been entered in Google search engine. For starters, if you go to the Google Trends website and check its search volume by typing wirebd, Google will show you how many times each month your entered search term is searched in their search engine.

Again, if you want, instead of just looking at the monthly search volume, you can see the results of the last 1 year or the last few years or how many times your given search term has been searched in Google within your own defined time period. Although this is the main function of Google Trends, the usability of Google Trends is limited. You will find many features and information in Google Trends that you can use in your various tasks.

Why Google Trends?

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There is no way to tell exactly what you can use Google Trends for. Basically if your profession is based on online publishing or marketing or advertising, you can be sure that you will need Google Trends and at some point you will need to use Google Trends and you will also know how to use Google Trends. You can extract the data. If you are an online publisher or blogger, you will need Google Trends to find the perfect niche or perfect micronis for your work.

If you are a marketer, then you will need Google Trends to research which keywords can place the most potential customers if you can place your client ads. If you are thinking of starting a personal e-commerce site or startup, Google Trends is the best free solution for you to do research on what kind of products you will get the most customers by selling and what problems you can solve if your startup is successful. . Google Trends is an essential marketing tool that will make it much easier for you to succeed in your online business if you know how to use it properly.

How to use?

To use Google Trends website, you just need to visit Google Trends. At the beginning of the website you will be shown what are the most searched topics on Google at the moment so that you can first know what are the most popular topics at the moment. However, if you want to know only about popular search topics in your own country without looking at the global results, then you need to change the country or region of Google Trends.

Realtime results

You can select your desired country by using the Region Selector on the top right side of the screen. After selecting the region, only the people of that country will be able to see which topics they are searching for the most on Google at the moment.

But yes, if you want to see the daily trending search every day or if you want to see the real time trending search topics, you have to keep in mind that daily results and real time results are not available for many countries yet. For example, daily results and real-time results are not yet available for Bangladesh. To see these you need to see the global results or the results of a country where real time results are available.

Graph data

Another great feature of Google Trends is its data visualization. When you enter your desired search term in Google Trends and find its search volume, the results will show you the search volume number as well as a graph data from which you can know when your desired search term was most popular or when it was lowest. .

This graph gives you an idea of ​​when you should or shouldn’t work with a niche. This graph data from Google Trends is very useful to find out which types of topics are always stable in popularity and do not increase or decrease the popularity depending on the time. Again, if you want to work with seasonal topics, you may also need this graph to know which topics are popular at what time of year.

Keyword comparison

This is probably one of the most highlighted features of Google Trends, an essential tool for marketers and online businesses. If you want to be an online advertiser, you will often need to compare two keywords with one another. You need to research that if you can place your client’s ad in the search results of any keyword, you will get the most targeted customers. All you can do is enter the two keywords into the Keyword Comparison tool of Google Trends and make side-by-side comparisons of the two keywords’ visitor volume, graph data and all other information.

Again, if you are an online advertiser, looking at the graph of a keyword, you can guess at which time of the year that keyword has a high cost-per-click rate and a low cost-per-click rate. This allows you to set up your ad campaign by predicting the market. Google Trends’ keyword research and comparison tools are very useful for placing profitable ads. And yes, not just two keywords, you can also compare 3-4 keywords side by side if you want to get detailed insights about your keyword quality.

Which keyword’s traffic volume history was more stable, which keyword is getting more visitors from your desired region and which keyword your target customers are visiting more, comparing these info together will make it easier for you to decide which keyword to add. Again this comparison tool you can also use in case of online publishing to find the focus keyword of your content in case of SEO in your content.

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